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Interred: Gerald Dagesse 12/2/1958 - 7/27/2008


An avid amateur singer, Gerald R. Dagesse died on July 27, 2008 at his home in Boston. He was 49 years old. Dagesse is survived by his spouse, Clifford Richards of Belfast, ME. Surviving members of his family include his brother, Robert Dagesse and sister-in-law, Linda Dagesse of Cumberland, R.I., his nephew, Andrew Dagesse and niece, Arielle Dagesse.

Family Interview: Clifford Richards, Husband

Special Thanks: Boston Gay Men’s Chorus for

video clip of “Everything Possible” by Rev. Fred Small

Gerry Dagesse and Cliff Richards (family photo)

Gerry Dagesse and Cliff Richards (family photo)

Cemetery Record

Gerald R. Dagesse

Interred 7/25/2009

Location: Lot 11016/35