Interred: Gaetane “Tana” Scouras  (1961 - 2014)

Gaetane Aline Scouras died peacefully in the presence of her loving wife, Deidra on January 15, 2014, age 52. Although diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, she continued as CEO of Consignworks until very recently, helping it to become the largest estate sale company in New England. Tana, as she was known to most, founded Consignworks after the successful sale of Vitel Software in 2004, a company she cofounded with New England executive and dear friend Sue Andersen.*
(Obituary excerpt from Worcester Telegram via

Gaetane Scouras (Family Photo)

Gaetane Scouras (Family Photo)


Artist Statement - "Beloved"

I wish I’d been able to meet Gaetane (or “Tana”, her nickname) Scouras. Tana was a complex, original and powerful individual. She was an inventor, an executive, an entrepreneur and an animal lover. She was fiercely devoted to work and family. 

However, with this project, I’ve had the privilege to get to know and film her loving widow, Deidra Witschorke. We’ve met on several occasions over almost two years. Deidra has shared so much with me about her beloved Tana. 

I hope this brief piece will hint at the depth of their passion for each other. 

Special thanks to Tom Johnson for introducing me to Deidra.